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Resonant circuit converters

The majority of inductive applications is fed by so-called resonant circuit converters.

The inductive effect on the workpiece is achieved by induction coils, individual rings or specially shaped inductors. These are supplemented with capacitors to form a resonant circuit in a parallel or series connection.

A parallel arrangement of these two components has the advantage that the inverter of the converter has to handle almost only the active current and the much higher reactive current requirement of the induction coil is provided by the capacitors connected in parallel.

In a series connected arrangement, the inverter carries the entire current of the induction coil; there is a significant voltage increase at the induction coil, which exceeds the electric strength of the involved inverter semiconductors.

The following table shows a rough classification of the resonant circuit converter technology (except high-frequency technology); when you select a field, a more detailed description appears.

Parallel resonant circuit converter in thyristor technology

Parallel resonant circuit converter in transitor technology

Converter for billet heating

Series resonant circuit converter in thyristor technology

Converter with only one controlled semiconductor

Power sharing