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Billet heating

To produce extruded profiles, so-called bolts (also referred to as pressing or block) are inductively heated to the forming temperature and then pressed through a die with a punch.

A so-called temperature wedge is applied over the length of the bolt so that the temperature on the die side is higher than on the punch side in order to optimize the pressing process.

For this purpose, the induction coil of the billet heating is divided into several coil sections. In earlier times the temperature wedge was reached by switching on the coil sections with different turn on times.

In 1999 our company produced the first converter for applying power to a multi-part billet heating coil. Each sub-coil can be supplied with different power levels to achieve the required temperature wedge.

This converter is still in operation today and has been a role model and standard for supplying inductive billet heatings for more than twenty years.