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Melting installation

Our crucible furnace melting systems can be designed in the smaller sizes as compact units, which are mounted on a common base or in a common container with the exception of the possibly required external heat exchanger (water - air). They are suitable for installation on the hall corridor. The work and times required on site until the system is ready for operation are reduced to a minimum thanks to the high degree of prefabrication. After the installation and placement of the system, the following connections must be made:

  • Cooling water supply line to the cooling tower or the process water supply
  • Cooling water return line to the cooling tower or the process water return
  • City water connection (automatic emergency water and automatic filling)    
  • Water drain   
  • Electric power feed

Our standard range includes following furnace sizes (net capacity based on gray cast iron), equipped with one or two furnaces:

50 kg

125 kg

250 kg

500 kg

750 kg

1000 kg

1500 kg

2000 kg

3000 kg

Basic equipment of our systems:

  • Programmable logic controller with extensive monitoring, messages and operator guidance
  • Analog recording of measured values ​​for the entire cooling system and all system values
  • Plain text display for messages, operator guidance and system values
  • Stainless steel plate heat exchanger to separate the primary and secondary cooling circuit
  • Primary cooling circuit in copper pipe design
  • Circuit breaker to protect the entire system
  • Earth fault monitoring
  • Furnace yokes for better magnetic field guidance, coil cage in welded design
  • Double-wrapped and soaked oven spool to protect against moisture in the lining
  • Manually operated furnace lid
  • Automatic emergency water to protect the furnace coil in the event of a cooling water failure
  • Temperature measurement of the melt using a lance


  • HSG technology with sinusoidal input current
  • Continuous distribution of the converter power to several furnaces
  • Process visualization and melting processor with or without furnace scales
  • Hydraulic furnace lid actuation
  • Ring suction up to the swivel joint
  • Furnace lid