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Vacuum furnaces

The separation between vacuum and atmosphere is made on the inside of the coil in our vacuum furnace construction.

There are the following advantages compared to a furnace construction completely in a vacuum:

  • Lower operating costs: The volume to be evacuated is many times less, the vacuum unit can be significantly smaller, the evacuation time is shorter
  • Higher performance: Due to the design, higher furnace voltages and thus higher performance are possible without much additional effort, since the typical discharges via the residual atmosphere still present in the vacuum do not occur

Like our crucible furnaces, our vacuum furnaces are designed as a solid welded construction. All sizes have generously dimensioned yokes made of transformer sheet metal that guide the magnetic lines outside the coil. As a result, the coil cage, in contrast to yokeless constructions, can be designed as a closed welded steel construction.

The exposure of the furnace operator to the magnetic field is reduced to a minimum.

The furnace coils have a special coating. A special coil profile ensures a secure fit of the inserted seal. Coil, furnace head and furnace bottom are precisely matched to one another in order to achieve a low leak rate over a long period of time.

During the construction, special emphasis was placed on good accessibility for maintenance work.