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Our delivery program includes air and water cooled rectifiers in uncontrolled, semi or fully controlled versions, depending on the application.

All designs are calculated, designed and manufactured in our company. They are supplied complete with control, protective circuit and possibly necessary semiconductor fuses, precisely tailored to the task.

In high power applications, which are supplied by their own transformer, it is possible to carry out a 12-pulse or 24-pulse rectification in order to reduce the negative disturbance to the mains supply caused by the operation of usual rectifiers.

A specialty of our company is the HSG technology (HECON sinus rectifier). It is a rectifier that takes a sinusoidal shaped current from the mains supply in contrast to conventional rectifiers.

This rectifier behaves neutrally on the mains supply, comparable to an ohmic load. It is ideally suited for connection to mains supplies, which are already subject to harmonics.

We have been installing this rectifier technology in our converters for induction applications with very good results since the year 1999.