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Converters / power electronics Converters

DE Induktionsanlagen and HECON Umrichtertechnik can draw on three decades of experience in the field of converter technology and power electronics.

In the beginning of this long period, thyristor technology, which is still represented today, was market leader.
Over the years, this has been increasingly replaced by transistor technology, but initially only in the lower power range.

The transistor semiconductors developed rapidly, so that today inverters in the two-digit megawatt range can be realized in transistor technology.

A specialty of our converter technology is the so-called HSG technology, which draws an almost sinusoidal current from the supplying network and thus reduces the system interference to a minimum.

Our converters in transistor technology are modular. These modules are designed for parallel connection, any desired power can be achieved. Every module can be switched off individually, so that all other modules are still feeding the comsumer in case of service.

Tube technology has long been used in the field of high-frequency applications. In this area, too, transistors are becoming increasingly popular and enable high performance paired with high frequency.

We have knowledge and experience in tube technology, which is used in the service and repair of tube converters, but transistor technology is preferred for new developments in the high frequency range.