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Crucible furnaces

Our crucible furnaces are designed as a solid welded construction. All sizes have generously dimensioned yokes made of transformer sheet that guide the magnetic field outside the coil. As a result, the coil cage can be designed as a closed welded steel structure, in contrast to yoke-less constructions.

This construction gives two significant advantages:

  • The exposure of the furnace operator to the magnetic field is reduced to a minimum
  • The stability of this welded steel structure is much higher than that of a yoke-less construction, which is weakened by the concrete parts that are cracking over time

The diameter widening of the coil often observed with crucible furnace coils, recognizable by the gradual migration of the coil connections out of the middle, is caused by unstable furnace designs. The construction of our coil cages completely prevents this expansion.

Our coils are wrapped twice and soaked with insulating varnish. In contrast to the simply lacquered coils, this insulation is not damaged by the application of the coil refractory concrete and remains effective over a long period of time against moisture that is brought in by relining or repairs to the furnace coil.

During construction, special emphasis was placed on good accessibility for maintenance work. The furnaces can be equipped with a manually or hydraulically moved furnace cover and ring extraction or extraction hood and other options.

Our standard range includes the following furnace sizes (useful capacity based on gray cast iron) with different power densities and operating frequencies:

50 kg

125 kg

250 kg

500 kg

750 kg

1000 kg

1500 kg

2000 kg

3000 kg

In addition to these standard dimensions, small laboratory furnaces, other and intermediate sizes and special designs are also available.


  • Hydraulic furnace lid or hood actuation
  • Ring suction or suction hood
  • Weighing system with optional shock absorber
  • Crucible ejection device
  • Gas purging devive
  • Stirring circuit