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Pouring furnaces

Our portfolio includes two different pouring furnace technologies with a net capacity of up to five tons (based on gray cast iron):

Channel heated version with pouring spout and pressurization:
The melt is heated via a channel inductor, flange-mounted in the bottom area; due to this arrangement, a minimum amount of liquid metal must remain in the furnace at all times in order to keep the internal channel of the inductor functioning.
For casting, the furnace housing is pressurized, the liquid metal rises through a siphon into the pouring spout and is poured off in the required partial quantities via a stopper-nozzle arrangement. This technology is characterized by a high degree of efficiency, but it has to be heated even during production stop in order to keep the channel content liquid.

Crucible furnace design with bottom drain:
The furnace design corresponds to an induction crucible furnace, the dimensions have been changed according to the intended use. A stopper-nozzle arrangement is integrated in the middle of the furnace bottom, through which a portioned pouring takes place.
The great advantage of this technology is the possibility of being able to easily empty the furnace so that you do not have to heat it during production stops.
The restart takes place by filling in liquid metal after prior heating using a gas burner or by melting the input materials.