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Crucible Change Furnace

This induction furnace combines the properties of a crucible melting furnace and a lifting crucible furnace. It is used when different alloys are to be melted in quick succession in one furnace.

A pre-fabricated crucible is lowered into the furnace chamber via a bottom hydraulic cylinder, fastened with a clamping devices and sealed  in the upper area with a packing cord to the coil protection refractory concrete.

As soon as the content has melted, the furnace can be tilted as a conventional induction crucilble furnace, the pre-fabricated crucible remains in the clamped position.

If a change of alloy is required, the clamp is released and the sealing cord removed. The pre-fabricated crucible is lifted with the bottom hydraulic cylinder and removed, the next pre-fabricated crucible for the further alloy can be placed.

The entire process of changing the pre-fabricated crucible only takes a few minutes.