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High current cables       

We design and manufacture high-current cables in air and water-cooled versions. They are suitable for the low-loss transmission of large currents up to frequencies of 10 kHz. There are various outer hoses to choose from, some of which resist the effects of radiant heat (foundry applications).

The available copper cross-section is generously dimensioned to keep losses within limits, even with long transmission lengths.

The power cable heads are milled from electrolytic copper. This design allows high surface pressures in the contact area.

The power cable heads can be used again if repairs are required.

All versions contain highly flexible single current strands. This ensures great flexibility of the entire cable and very good protection against cable breakage.

The strands are soldered in the power cable head in order to obtain the lowest possible contact resistance.

A sufficiently dimensioned cooling channel is formed by an internal spiral, so that in induction applications the coil can be supplied with cooling water  via our water-cooled power cables.

In the water-cooled version, standard sizes are available in narrow increments. Special versions and coaxial cables are also available. Our technicians find a solution for every problem at reasonable costs.

Comments on power cable designs:

The system of the cutting ring screw connection with union nut, which was still occasionally available on older induction systems or systems from foreign manufacturers, could not prevail, since problems with tightness often occurred in practice due to deformed sealing surfaces and damaged threads.