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HSG technology

The HSG technology (HECON Sinus Gleichrichter / rectifier) ​​has been used in our inverters since the year 1998.

The converters equipped with this technology take an almost sinusoidal current from the supplying network and in this way minimize the effects on the power supply network. They are particularly suitable for operation on weak supply networks or on networks that are already subject to harmonics or are equipped with additional power converters.

The second generation has been available since 2014 and is characterized by lower switching losses and a finer simulation of the sinusoidal current form.

The converters with HSG technology behave neutrally on the supply network, there are no additional resonances with reactive power components already in the network.

The HSG technology can be used as an active filter unit to compensate for unfavorable shaped current curves of other consumers.

The division of the rectification into 12- or even 24-pulse rectifier units with correspondingly wound special transformers, which is often used in high-power converters, can be omitted, the HSG technology works with conventional transformers that output a three-phase voltage (400V up to 1000V) on the secondary side.