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Electromobility has established itself over a wide range in recent years, from small e-scooters to high-performance vehicles in the high price segment.

A large number of activities by smaller companies can be observed in the areas of pedelecs, e-bikes, small, inexpensive vehicles for local use and extremely powerful vehicles, so-called super or hyper sports cars.

This is also where our activities come into play. Combinable single components (EV Rectifier, EV DC/DC Converter, EV Inverter) have been derived from our power converter technology, which has been tried and tested for decades, and other components (EV Battery Bank,
EV Electric Motor, EV Range Extender) have been added to our portfolio.

With this EV portfolio, we offer all electrical components that are required to build electric vehicles. It does not matter whether it is a single small project, a small series or the construction of a very powerful vehicle.

After extensive development work, the construction of a light two-seater prototype is currently beginning, which will have a range of 80 km to 160 km and a maximum speed of around 125 km/h. It can be fitted with one or two slide-in range extenders, allowing for on-road or highway operation without having to constantly monitor remaining range.

Conventional lead-acid batteries are initially used to store energy. They are particularly inexpensive, do not require any rare earths and can be optimally recycled. As a result, there is sufficient space in later constructions for future alternative battery technologies that can be used optionally.

After completion, this first prototype is subjected to an extensive daily test, with a view to more powerful versions that are currently in the development phase.

Preliminary prototype data:


80 - 160 km (depending on the driving style and without range extender)

Top speed125 km/h

125 km/h


450 - 500 kg (with 9,6 kWh battery capacity)

Power (Nominal- / Peak)

34 / 68 kW (46 / 93 PS)

Battery capacity

9,6 kWh (optional 19,2 kWh)