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EV Inverter

The inverter supplies the motor of the electric vehicle with the required power. It must be precisely matched to the electric motor to be controlled, since the interaction of both components is decisive for the optimal use of power and torque and the overall efficiency of the vehicle.

Turndown operation takes up a significant proportion of the total operating time, and the efficiency of the inverter in turndown operation is a key criterion.

Another important criterion is the ability of the inverter to feed back energy, which has a direct effect on the range of the vehicle. With a high level of kinetic energy recovery and a forward-looking driving style, braking in city traffic, for example, can often be carried out largely via recovery (recuperation), so that mechanical braking only has to be done from walking speed to a standstill.

Our inverters are essentially matched to our switched reluctance motors, but can also be matched to other electric motors due to the open modular design.

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