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DC/DC Converters

 DC voltage converters (also DC/DC converters) are used when different DC voltage potentials are to be connected to one another.

They convert electrical power between the two different potentials with a technically manageable effort and high efficiency. It is irrelevant whether the voltage has to be converted in the upward or downward direction.

Our converters are working with a large input voltage range, so that even large fluctuations in the input voltage can be compensated.
The output voltage is adjustable or alternatively can be variably controlled by a setpoint specification.

Our DC/DC converter portfolio covers the entire performance range, including the parallel connection of modules to achieve any level of performance.

The converters can be combined with our rectifiers and inverters, but also with third-party products. The input voltage range extends
up to 1,500 Vdc, higher values are also possible as a special design.

The converters are designed for air or water cooling.

Our latest development to increase efficiency is the use of SiC (Silicon Carbide) technology.