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Our converter electronics, driver cards for semiconductors and other electronics that are used in our systems were developed in-house from the start. This enables us to supply electronics replacements for all systems ever manufactured from our company. Outdated or discontinued electronic components are being successively replaced.

We also offer retrofit converter electronics for all common converters / converters.

Other electronic cards on offer:

  • Control electronics for hydraulic proportional valves: The card controls proportional valves with up to 24 V DC, a superimposed AC voltage does not allow the piston to come into static friction. The card can be adapted to almost any task using various trimmers.
  • Multiplexer: With this card, up to eight PT-100 elements can be connected to an analog PLC input. The channel selection of the card is made via three PLC digital outputs.
  • Rectifier control board: This card takes over the phase control of a three-phase rectifier bridge depending on an input control signal.
  • Ignition boards for thyristors. This card takes over the separation between electronics and power circuit, it is e.g. controlled via the rectifier control board.
  • Driver boards for transistors. This card takes over the separation between electronics and power circuit, it also contains various monitoring functions (current, voltage, voltage rise). It is available in different versions for direct mounting on the power transistor modules customary on the market today.