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Recooling equipment       

Our recooling systems are used to dissipate process heat to the ambient air or in one higher-level cooling system used.

Calculation, construction and production take place in our house. We deliver entire systems or also individual components, which are individually tailored to the respective application.

Our systems offer the following advantages:

  • Stainless steel plate heat exchanger
  • Standard pumps from recognized brand manufacturers
  • Pump decoupling via compensators
  • Automatic filling with monitoring of the filling time
  • Sufficient number of shut-off devices
  • Cooling water volume control possible as an option, e.g. temperature controlled
  • Additional monitoring (e.g. individual cooling circuits) possible as an option

Pipes can be carried out in all common techniques:

  • Copper pipe, brazed or soft soldered or press technology
  • Stainless steel tube, screwed, welded or press technology
  • Galvanized pipe, screwed
  • Steel tube, screwed or welded
  • Plastic pipe in adhesive technology